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Success Story from Narconon Arrowhead's Drug Rehab Services

I have completed the Narconon Drug Rehab Program and I feel great! My life has been changed forever. I now have the tools and education to become a better person and I can keep on improving my production in life. Coming here to this drug rehab and going through this program has opened up many opportunities for me to not only help myself, but now I have the opportunity to become proactive in the war on drugs and help others. I feel as if I have to share the wonderful experience of being here at drug rehab with others who may need to be here as well. I will go home and help educate communities about drugs. I am very grateful for the Narconon Arrowhead drug rehab program and all that it gave me. G.R.

Drug Free Treatment

Getting a good grasp on how effective drug free treatment can be difficult and not without struggle and research. There is a key reason why most people even look for drug free treatment and that reason is that someone they love suffers from addiction and is in need of services or support. Drug free treatment, therefore, can mean the difference between life and death. This makes drug free treatment a very serious topic and not one to be brushed off to rumor or “gut feelings”. Find out the truth about drug free treatment today from experienced counselors who have researched drug free treatment for years and whom will share their wealth of information and experience with you without charge. It can mean the difference between life and death for the person you love.

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Drug Intervention and Addiction

Drug Intervention
Drug Intervention is often effective when all else has failed in attempts to help someone suffering from addiction or alcoholism. Many times the addict or alcoholic already feels he has totally failed his loved ones and cannot face them. The guilt and depression is just too much to confront. Even though they may be in the same room listening to loved ones they really aren’t hearing anything. Drug intervention can offer some order and effectiveness to aid the true desire of both the addict and the family to find workable solutions. Yes, despite all appearances to the contrary, the addict or alcoholic is seeking a way out of the trap and does want to stop his use. An effective drug intervention can take that hope and desire, no matter how small, and create a willingness to do something and accept help.


Rehab Detox and Addiction

Rehab Detox
Rehab detox is often considered to be merely withdrawal services. Withdrawal while vital is not really the full detoxification needed to insure a full handling for the drugs and toxins still in the body creating sometime uncontrollable cravings. The Narconon Arrowhead New Life Detoxification Program fully handles the drugs and toxin residuals that lodge in the fatty tissues for months and years. In moments of stress these drug residuals break loose from the fatty tissues when they can re-enter the blood stream creating intense mental and physical cravings even though the drug has not been used for some time. This is one of the major reasons for relapse and continued use. Most of Narconon Arrowhead participants report and end to cravings at the end of the detoxification portion of the program accompanied by a marked resurgence in their overall sense of well being


Rehab Center and Addiction

Rehab Center
A drug or alcohol rehab center could be many different things. It could be a meeting center, a medical facility, a 12 step program. It could be in-patient, or out-patient. It could also be a drug free facility or one which embraces further medication in an attempt to handle current drug effects. If you are looking for a long term residential rehab center whose program is drug free and empowers the individual rather than breaking him down then Narconon Arrowhead is the rehab center you are looking for. Our rehab center is a full service center that handles all aspects of addiction from a mild drug free withdrawal, full detoxification and health building, all the way to an ex-addict who knows he has the abilities, desire, and skills to repair the damage done to self and others. They have also acquired the abilities and outlook needed to pursue a drug free life with vigor and enthusiasm.


Outpatient Rehab and Addiction

Outpatient Rehab
An outpatient rehab is a drug treatment facility where the individual goes for treatment and then returns home at the end of the day. It could be the personal goes for a counseling session, or perhaps a seminar. All day seminars are often used as well. These offer viable services for those with a lighter abuse problem or as a starting point for full treatment. One thing that should be watched for in medical outpatient rehabs is the use of additional drugs in a mistaken attempt to handle the current drug problem, such as methadone. For most with a serious drug abuse and addiction problem an impatient and more long term treatment program is more effective, though outpatient treatment can be a good beginning if chosen carefully.


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