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Narconon Arrowhead’s Drug Rehabilitation Program Success Story

Thanks to the technology here at Narconon Arrowhead's Drug Rehabilitation Program, I have grown to be self-confident. I feel happy from the accomplishments I’ve had. For many years there’s been a battle in my head between destructive, negative thoughts which became actions and those thoughts of being productive. Due to the drug addiction, the negative thoughts and actions overpowered my mind, body and most of all my soul. However, at this drug rehab I’ve fought my own depression, my own suppressions and I’ve fought those agnostic thoughts or actions. I write and say again, many thanks to this drug rehab program. I acknowledge the fact that I am responsible for my acts, my problems, distresses, and stresses have lessened. I live in faith, hope, serenity and most of all my soul is in peace and free of any repression or suppression. V.A.

Drug Free Treatment

Getting a good grasp on how effective drug free treatment can be difficult and not without struggle and research. There is a key reason why most people even look for drug free treatment and that reason is that someone they love suffers from addiction and is in need of services or support. Drug free treatment, therefore, can mean the difference between life and death. This makes drug free treatment a very serious topic and not one to be brushed off to rumor or “gut feelings”. Find out the truth about drug free treatment today from experienced counselors who have researched drug free treatment for years and whom will share their wealth of information and experience with you without charge. It can mean the difference between life and death for the person you love.

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Alcoholism Treatment and Addiction

Alcoholism Treatment
At Narconon Arrowhead alcoholism treatment takes a multi-faceted approach. First there is the necessity to cease current use of alcohol. This can sometimes require medical supervision do to the sometimes life-threatening effect of ceasing use. Then it is necessary to get all of the alcohol toxins out of the body as fully as possible. These lodge in the fat tissues in the body and can create cravings days, months, or even years after last use. The Narconon New Life Detoxification Program achieves this. By far the biggest barriers to continued sobriety are the unhandled cravings, guilt, and depression created by the alcoholic lifestyle and troubles created for self, family, loved ones, and careers. Narconon Arrowhead uses a full array of life skills training to confront and put these three vital factors to rest.


Abuse Drugs and Addiction

Abuse Drugs
At Narconon Arrowhead we realize that in a majority of cases we are dealing with individuals who not only have a drug or alcohol problem but who abuse drugs in the plural sense, meaning more than one drug of abuse. One of course will have a primary drug of abuse, but in this society at this time the ready availability of various legal and illegal substances make abuse of multiple drugs the reality for most. Each drug or substance has its own effects on the individual both mentally and physically. Effective drug rehab methodologies will confront and deal with this reality. Narconon drug rehab methodologies have embraced this reality for over 40 years with the highest long term success rates in the field.


Addiction Help and Addiction

Addiction Help
How does one help addiction? First of course is stopping drug use, normally known as withdrawal. Second would be a return to physical health and vitality. At Narconon Arrowhead we take this a step further and deliver the New Life Detoxification Program to thoroughly rid the body of all stored drugs and toxins. Third should be gaining the life skills and abilities to fully confront and resolve the three main components of continuing addiction which are cravings, guilt, and depression. This results in the ability to put an end to drug addiction and lead a happy, productive, drug free life. There are certainly additional factors that come up and need to be dealt with on a person by person individual level.


Addiction Therapy and Addiction

Addiction Therapy
Addiction therapy is a very loose term given to hundreds of different methods of assisting the addicted individual or his family. The could include nutrition, withdrawal, simply talking, formalized therapy sessions, replacing one drug with another as in methadone treatment, or any of countless other methods. At Narconon Arrowhead the addiction therapies we find most workable are drug free withdrawal, followed with FULL detoxification of drug and toxins from the body, A full handling of the three main factors of addiction – cravings, quilt, and depression. These last items are handled with a multi-phase approach which delivers into the hands of the individual actual tools and abilities to fully resolve these points and so arrive at a drug free productive life that he can and does maintain.


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